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AIRED: 11-04-2018

Adam Gentry of the documentary “Crazywise” joins us today. This young man has some amazing things we all need to hear. We all know someone that has been diagnosed with some sort of mental health disorder, we feel this 34 years old survivor of multiple mental health disorders. In the process of living a pretty “normal life” the then 20 year old has an amazing experience in being connected to the Universe that, in the spiritual context, is perhaps the best thing he has ever experienced but his story takes a wild turn catapulting him into a world of “mental illness”, the western medical machine and pharmaceutical drugs but Adam refused to play “the victim”, finding his way out of the maze that so many get caught in. This homelessness survivor, avid meditator, musician and life lover has much to share with the world. You don’t want to miss this show!!

Adam would love for you to contact him on Facebook if you are going through something similar or just have questions about this topic. Friend request him at Adam Danger Gentry.

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