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AIRED: 01-29-2022

Learn what the winter energies mean for your digestive health and eat right for total holistic fitness. We talk about some of the Chinese tonics and how to tone your organs during the winter months. This is an important time of the energy turning within. The reserves that you build during the winter months will be used by your organs throughout the year. To contact Teresa go to [email protected] or Spiritual Renewal Retreats on Facebook.


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AIRED: 05-21-2022


AIRED: 05-14-2022

Astrologer Kathryn Andries shared the major astrological insights for 2022, including the Pluto return for the U.S. This event signals a return to the principals this country was built upon; namely freedom. We are also looking at the dark side, or shadow of this country, which is revealing widespread corruption across many levels of the...

AIRED: 04-02-2022