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AIRED: 09-10-2022

Kathy Harwood Long was inspired to create earth care initiatives after being invited to represent Unity at Sacred Encounters in 1999. Since then she has co-created EarthCare teams and programs for Unity Worldwide Ministries. In this insightful discussion we discuss what earth care means, biomimicry, and the Council of All Beings. She is a mom, minister, and mentor speaking, writing, and acting on behalf of spirituality and the Earth.


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AIRED: 09-24-2022


AIRED: 09-17-2022

Sherri Cortland has been communicating with spirit guides through automatic writing for over 20 years. During that time she has completed two books: Windows of Opportunity and Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age, with a third on the way. In this discussion we talk about what automatic writing is and how you might get...

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