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AIRED: 01-26-2021

Leave it to JoFroJer. We don’t see him for weeks. So he pops in, drops a significant brain bomb…then heads out to move weights around. The bomb? Darkness. He posits Dark is faster than Light. Adam and Eve being terrified of the Sun when it showed up comes to mind. Think about all the times we’ve talked about Nightfall being an actual thing. The reversal of morning and evening in Genesis. Not to mention the BIG Light. Down that tunnel of said light. Infamous soul zapper waiting to erase all our achievements at death or Oneness with The All??

–And what about the Sun? Do like Dave Weiss. Ask. We do. Did the Tower of Babel succeed after all? Is the Sun just a hole punched through to Source? Are natural gas flares the emissions of underground entities’ version of CO2??
–Sophia’s crew is coming. Now. What do we have to fear? Ash her: “Someone said ‘we have nothing to fear but fear itself’,” the robot mused. “What did he know?”
–The movie “Soul”. Folks seem to like it. Walt has an opinion. ( jason jones: ​I’m with you Walt)
–Prince rocked. A LOT. Ask Alexander Nevermind.
–Dr. Joe Blanda, an orthopedic physician who just retired after 30 years of practice, has some advice we can all use, and it’s free.

Go take a hike.


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