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AIRED: 07-12-2020

We discussed Venus and the intelligent races living there. Yes, the Venusians are here as well. Rob and Ray make great spokesmen for the next generation of the human race. Please tune in and make up your own mind. Join us on Mount Shasta in August.

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In the 2013 science fiction film “Elysium” starring Matt Damon, Earth’s wealthiest 0.01% move to the ultimate gated community, a luxurious orbiting space colony, leaving a poverty-stricken humanity to fend for themselves on a ravaged planet. Interestingly, it is indeed some of today’s 0.1% who are leading the way into space to build communities beyond...

AIRED: 10-25-2020

They locked down the account of one of the most widely circulated oldest and most venerable newspapers in America. They locked down the account of the press secretary to the president of the United States. They locked down the account of the president’s campaign, refusing to allow people to post any URL to that story....

AIRED: 10-18-2020

Scientists should be able to create magnetic fields on Earth that rival the strength of those seen in black holes and neutron stars, a new study suggests. Most magnetic fields on Earth, even artificial ones, are not particularly strong. The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) used in hospitals typically produces fields of around 1 tesla, or...

AIRED: 10-11-2020

What would you say if I told you that the CCP has been funding the riots in America? What would you say to paramilitary command language in Mandarin recorded by cell phone video in the riots in Portland, Minnesota, and in Seattle? What would you say to millions of dollars being pumped into Democrat campaigns...

AIRED: 10-04-2020

You and I have discussed the dangers of the reign of the judges. Judges have destroyed many nations larger and for their day much more powerful that the United States. Rules and laws are what make a nation predictable for the markets and fair for its citizens. Ask any defense attorney about the necessity of...

AIRED: 09-20-2020

The Black Lives Matter riots and the burning down of the American West will continue as long as corporations keep pumping money into this destructive movement. The leaders of these companies are not afraid they will be shamed by patriots. They don’t care about you at all. They are funding BLM because they know the...

AIRED: 09-13-2020