AIRED: 03-12-2022

Tonight I talk to Bobbie Richardson

Author/Illustrator, Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Channeler, Psychic, Empath, Visionary and Proud Mum.​

A Mum who found wisdom through spiritual guidance.

“I have very little education, all of my wisdom was given to me by spirit through dreams, visions (seeing with my eyes into other frequencies) and real visitations.”
“I have seen many different ‘beings’ giving me information since I was a child till I was 50 years old. Many were guides showing me the path to higher frequencies that lay dormant within, some were people who had passed over, others were those showing me the power I denied myself. I’m not sure if that gift to actually see will come back fully as since 50 I have only briefly seen a couple of things, but during that time of being woken up weekly and sometimes nightly they taught me many things, like taking me to different dimensions on Earth, places that humanity can tap into once they find balance within and take their own authentic power back. They showed me humanity’s potential by introducing me to others who could confirm these potentials and by teaching me to clear my mind at least for a moment to manifest what I asked for.

There is a lot to my life, many stories of things most wouldn’t even want to accept, but each time I asked for more confirmation I received it, this eventually was something I could no longer deny as even dreams started to come true.

They said they were preparing me for these times to help others cross over the threshold to break through the veil, to shed the programmed limitations which kept humanity in bondage. This is why I had to go through so much to find my way out, so that I could share this wisdom with others.”

My passion is to align humanity with their potential by re-awakening the right brian. To ignite our natural abilities that of the intuition and imagination, giving us new abilities which I call the 3T’s other than the 3 R’s that of Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, and much more, thus giving humanity a whole new perspective into our reality, one where we are all responsible for our own creations. Thus connecting us with Earth and her magic and the vastness of other beings of higher vibrations from the stars. Taking back our power within to create a world we all LOVE and are proud of.
To remember and know what we can become, is wisdom worth sharing. When your life has led you to not only finding wisdom within taking you to humanity’s potential and what that looks like. The responsibility to forward that on to those who are wanting to find out more about themselves, takes over. No longer interested in the survival game Bobbie challenges herself and others to seek a higher purpose and become the creator of their reality.

“I hold many codes through memories and feelings not only of past lives but also of stories shown to me of realities beyond this limited programming by benevolent beings. I have always seen (with my eyes) into the unseen and other realities as this gift was passed down through my DNA from my parents, especially my Mothers side as she also had the same gift.
To fully awaken myself and to connect to source and the many dimensions that hold answers to our questions, I had to do the inner work, just like everyone else, clearing all programming that I was not enough. Through this clearing, I’ve learned a lot and can now help many others find themselves back to the amazing empowered humans we all are and to connect back into remembering we are all ONE.” Bobbie Richardson

A seer and channeler, Bobbie has been visited and taken to other dimensional realities. Her drive has taken her deep down the rabbit hole to finding out what humanity can become after having many messages have been given to her. One of the most amazing events Bobbie has had in this reality, is meeting a Cherokee Elder named Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha from Ohio who took her hand in 2006 and talked to her telepathically for over an hour, this directed her attention into asking – ‘What is humanities potential?’

Her story has not only healed her own issues as she challenged herself to look at herself honestly, she now has the wisdom handed to her by other dimensional beings to help others who are ready to step out of the matrix and into their own potential reality.
We are here to help humanity wake up to their potential and invite you to join us and many more on Earth to co-create something wonderful together.

Motivational Speaker

Graphic and Fine Artist

Author and Illustrator


Channeler, Seer and Visionary

Only you can create the world you want, it isn’t just your birthright but also your responsibility.

website: www.codestoanewreality.com

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