Oct 26, 2013

jose-reyes-kid-shooter-boy-sparks-nevada-teacher-anti-bullying-video-shown-classroom-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAs stated by local TV station KOLO-8, a few weeks before the Sparks Middle School shooting, students say they watched a video shown in class called “Bully”, which included a “dramatization of a female bullying victim who brings a gun onto a school bus to scare her aggressors”. The school board had no comment on the issue. Sounds kind of like the pre-Columbine tapes.

According to the AP:

Jose Reyes was always smiling and never complained to his friend Diego Munoz, 11, that he was bullied, Munoz told The Associated Press outside Sparks Middle School where Reyes fatally shot math teacher Michael Landsberry before committing suicide Monday on the school’s asphalt basketball court.

“I was really surprised he would do something like this,” said Munoz, a sixth-grader at neighboring Agnes Risley Elementary.

“When I heard it was him who was the shooter, I went into a stupor and asked, ‘Why did he do it?'” he said.

Apparently, there was really no indication that the shooter, a 12-year-old boy who “liked soccer, was good at video games and didn’t have a lot of friends but “didn’t seem to be a loner,” would do such a thing. There are still too few details about this case to make any judgements, but it is getting stranger by the day.