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AIRED: 07-02-2021

The Iron Krewe keeps it loose, fast, and all over the road today, broh! From old movies to missed concerts to new theories about our electromagnetic plane, we gothcha covered!! Meetings of the metal minds? Sure! Recordable 8-track tapes? Oh, yeah! Quantum boids?? Are you kidding? Sointainley!! Paws?? In SPACE??? For sure, but what colors ya got for us??? Come on…this IS Amurica!! Red, white, and bluebloods all over the place!

Chat Chit:

​it`s now Rage With The Machine, I guess

Howie Dunn:
​waiting for new tool is like waiting for the president to announce that the earth is flat

​the usual suspects 🤪

​Maths are easy…….🙃

Howie Dunn:
​burn me a mix track lol


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