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AIRED: 05-22-2018

Do you wake up with a feeling of insignificance? Are your days filled with looking for a handhold to combat Coriolis-induced vertigo? Have you tried ALL the different space agencies only to find conflicting stories telling you that once again, at long last, space lettuce has been grown and is finally here, at last, again, for the first time ever…again? Then you, my friend, are suffering from SPACE BRAIN!!
Is there a cure? Is there any hope? My god, man, is there no balm in Gilead??
Wow, is THIS your lucky day!! TRY Iron Realm Media’s Ironworx! Start with 2 weekly live doses, best taken on an open mind. Compound that with as many archived doses on TFR, as well as supplemental help from weekly doses of #FlatEarthFriday FringeCast, and you will be well on your way to a new you: still, at peace, no spin, no curve, no stress!
-Scientism is delving into the bazzillionths of a pico-nano-nalli-nannawafers, er, I mean, nano-seconds to use Space Lazers to freeze water to its hottest plasmoidic hyper-temp…wait…they are boiling water into a frozen, non-viscousical state…and then, they can see the oldest Big Bang stars through a gravity lens……um…so, anyway…
-the latest change to their Earth model so it fits the narrative better: A solid IRON core wrapped with a molten liquid IRON chewy ooey gooey nougat filling, nestled in a crunchy outer shell of …but I kid the Scientism parrots! Someone call Curie!!
-China’s Space Magpie Bridge to the far side…of the moon…
-If anyone has an old 70s Whizzer laying around, send it to Walt, please?!?

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