Truth Frequency Radio

Jan 13, 2015


Do you enjoy getting together with your friends to play historical wargames, boardgames or role-playing games? Do you have tons of awesome miniature armies that you have spent hours painting. Do you play out your battles on detailed maps or with beautifully sculpted terrain?  You’ve put all this time into making your games fun and feel real, but you are still missing the greatest emotional tool you have… MUSIC!  The sound will make everyone feel like they are really there and the music will make you never want to leave.

Make your games come alive with Darkraven Premium Gameing Soundscapes: Redux.  Create scenes that you and your friends will remember and be talking about for years to come.  The ambient backgrounds and music in these 10 minute audio loops will add a new dimension to every moment in your game.

Our tracks combine high quality professionally engineered ambient environments with originally composed music.  Just like in musical theatre, radio programs of old, TV shows, video games and movies this intersection of sound and emotion will transport your gaming experience to the next level. You won’t watch TV or a music with the sound off so why play your games that way?

Please check out our Kickstarter Project Page currently running through February 10, 2015. We need the support of you, our friends and neighbors, to make this project a reality. We are using a crowdfunding site to show that people coming together can accomplish any goal they set their minds to. Come join our project and add your voice to the future. You won’t watch TV or a movie with the sound off so why play your games that way?