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AIRED: 07-30-2022

The energy is rising right along with the temperature it seems. We’re in a time period where a certain astrological alignment is here and hasn’t been seen for 2500 years during the time of Alexander the Great! The world has seemingly gone crazy and the intensity of energies present are expected to rise through the next month especially so we thought it would be a great time to have THE coordinator of Soulogy Fest, Todd Medina, on with us to talk about how all of this is tying together!

Soulogy Fest, I AM SOUL is coming up August 26th-28th in Ozark Arkansas high atop Mulberry Mountain and is basically a A 3-day activation and celebration of Self, which we believe is more important now than ever before! On the show today we talked about ALL of this sharing our views and experiences we have had and are having along with how we’re dealing with it all. It was really a fantastic discussion with a ton of useful information for you to use in your daily life so check it out!

As for Soulogy Fest, I AM SOUL, you can find out more by going to Event Brite and search for Soulogy Fest I AM SOUL and you can find out exactly what it is, what’s going to be available and how much it is to attend, either in person or virtually! We’re going to be there with our new product, Divine Fire Creations Organic Clearing Mist and products from our beautiful Sponsor Alpine Made. We’ll have little sample bags to hand out as we meet all of you beautiful souls and share in the celebration of self together!! We truly hope to see you there so until next weekend where we’ll see you here, have a beautiful week and don’t forget how much WE LOVE YOU!! 🙂


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