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AIRED: 07-26-2018

Discover the deeper wisdom that is ready to send your life into hyper-drive! Unveil your soul mirror and experience the love and wisdom from two Twin Flame couples! Thank you for joining us for the premier of Soul Mirror Radio!

If you have a question that you would like to have read on the air we would love to have it! Just send us an email to [email protected] and your question could be read live on the air!


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A fast paced show with energy predictions for the times ahead revealed live on air. Having ascension symptoms? They’ll get more intense! Find out why! This is the show you’ll want to listen to again and again!! We pulled and read cards out of Sri & Kiras Cards of Clarity and the accuracy was again...

AIRED: 01-17-2019

We are only 11 days away from a rare Super Blood Wolf Moon AND a total lunar eclipse! What does this mean for you? It means that energy, both good and bad as we perceive it, will be at an all time high which also means that we’re going to be tested in many ways....

AIRED: 01-10-2019

Sri & Kira along with Sandra & Alan talk about the amazing start to the new year with Kiras Insoulment, the beautiful crowd that was here in person and online to witness it. We also spoke about addictions, the many forms it takes and how many things that are seemingly a “normal” part of life...

AIRED: 01-03-2019

If you’ve been noticing different energies and thinking they’re becoming more and more common, you’re not alone! What is real? What is illusion? What is the new normal? That last statement is being used more and more but the so called “normal” that we’ve all been used to is changing drastically! If you want to...

AIRED: 12-27-2018

The holidays are “supposed” to be the most wonderful time of the year but often times family gatherings make it anything but wonderful! What do you do when you’re faced with another uncomfortable family situation but your soul is crying out for you to break the pattern? Listen as Sri & Kira along with Sandra...

AIRED: 12-20-2018

Sri & Kira along with Sandra & Alan discuss the power of pain and the gift that comes when you can see beyond the illusion at their brand new time on Truth Frequency Radio & Oneness Talk Radio! You always have the choice of staying in density or seeing what lies beyond what you’ve been...

AIRED: 12-13-2018