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AIRED: 08-08-2019

8! 8! Lions’ Gate Unified AS the Ascended Mother! Plus…special Live Ceremony

Kira Raa, and Co-Host Patty Peterson have each moved through (and more than once),
the awareness, experience and choice to keep saying yes and not quit!

What is it that finally sustains our “self” enough that offers us the
Lion’s roar of courage and the Lioness’s master-filled wisdom?

This 8-8 Lions’ Gate offers and sustains ALL of our dreams into creation! This show will culminate with a guided journey into the Lion’s gate itself!

This weeks energetic movement of the Ascended presence, manifesting as the energy of the Ascended Mother of Empowered Compassion, is EXPANDING THROUGH EMPOWERMENT or Hiding from itself!

THIS IS A PEAK KALI MA moment! 8-8…THE COSMIC OPENING to actively & consciously CHOOSE Trust or Fear!

We are each the Mirror & the embodiment of Namaste. A Soul Mirror gazes into your eyes and sees the divine.

ABOUT This week’s Co-Host Patty Peterson:

Patty Markham Peterson is an inspiring and entertaining teacher, practicing Avesa™ Medical Intuitive, Self-Ascension Intuitive coach, quantum healer, workshop leader, and author. As a young child, Patty knew she was to be in the healing field, as she was often “fixing others”. She was a natural caretaker to her 12 younger siblings.

As an RN she moved through several medical areas including hospice and mental health, until her heart guided her to Holistic healing in the late 90’s.
In 2002, with her husband’s sudden death at age 39, Patty began to awaken her spiritual connections. This included hands on healing and clairvoyance.
Patty connected with Sri & Kira’s prolific book ‘Atlantean Revelations’ in 2007. As she read this profound book, deep soul remembrances were activated. Following this inner guidance, Patty began her journey into the Yoga of Self-Ascension. She has mastered every course Sri & Kira offer and is now a master teacher as well!

Patty is the founder the Healing Center, Expanding Hearts. Here she offers private consultations in person in Michigan, and around the world via Skype and zoom.
She is a healers healer and offers mentorship programs along with workshops, classes, and spiritual group gatherings.
Reach Patty at [email protected] or web page and Facebook at Expanding Hearts

\Mastery to Patty is…. Saying YES, again, and again, and again….



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