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AIRED: 07-25-2019

Gazing through to the Other Side
How does our Life change?

Angelic Oracle Kira Raa is a steady leading voice
of Passionate Action since 2002! Kira’s unique interview style means every show arrives at a unique message! AND TONIGHT IS A RARE GLIMPSE INTO “The Other Side”. With Co-host Masha Sigurdson , join in LIVE as they navigate the divine energy between the 3rd & 9th dimensions! As they share “secrets” not usually revealed! WOW!
What will be revealed and why is is revealing now? We are each the Mirror & the embodiment of Namaste.
A Soul Mirror gazes into your eyes and sees the divine. July has called forward the rise of the #LineageHolder and the ABILITY TO communicate through the realms is HERE!

ABOUT This week’s Co-Host Maria Sigurdson:

Masha Sigurdson is Avesa Medical Intuitive™, Quantum Clairvoyant™, Self-Ascension Intuitive Counselor™, Avesa Practitioner™, Reiki Master/Teacher, and MA in Holistic Health Care Studies. Masha currently practices at the Avesa Quantum Healing™ Arts Center in Saint Paul, MN.

Masha Sigurdson was born in small town near Moscow, Russia. She is a granddaughter of famous Russian actor. She was born clairvoyant, and discovered her gifts at the age of 10, without ability to understand them.

Masha was invited to study at IRION Extrasensory Perception School at the age of 22. Since that moment, she has studied many paths and different modalities over the years. As a young woman she left her work at a prestigious Moscow library to become one of the first full time Energy Healers in a small Healing Center.

Masha Sigurdson moved to US in 1999. While living in the States she has also studied the paths of Energy Healing, Buddhism, Hinduism, Holistic and Alternative medicine with many great teachers.

In 2007 Masha met her Gurus and true Teachers, Wisdom teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa. They are her soul family. Since then, Masha dedicated her life to the Yoga of Self-Ascension as the Art of Ascended Living. She has traveled to Guatemala, Uruguay, India and Ecuador, to study with her beloved Teachers and expand her extraoradinary healing talents.


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