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AIRED: 10-13-2021

Pill could stop HIV “in my generation”. What is Pre-exposure prophylaxis? Putin says US itself killing dollar as reserve currency by weaponizing sanctions & uncontrolled money printing, fueling inflation. More US soldiers killed themselves in few months than died from Covid-19 since start of pandemic, Pentagon reveals. Queen of Investing: Just how did Nancy Pelosi build a $120mn fortune on a $223,000 annual salary? Mississippi v Terry McAuliffe. Several people killed in bow and arrow attack in Norway, attacker arrested. Airline snafu. Logjam of container ships why there is a logjam. CNN ripped for ‘dystopian’ report referring to pre-Covid era as ‘the Before Times’. Check out Gerald Celente on You Tube, Trends Journal: Crypto Techno Revolution

They knew ivermectin worked on all three pathogens, virus, parasite and CANCER – Ivermectin as a Broad-Spectrum Host-Directed Antiviral: The Real Deal? –

Ivermectin, a potential anticancer drug derived from an antiparasitic drug –
From 2018!

The multitargeted drug ivermectin: from an antiparasitic agent to a repositioned cancer drug –

Ivermectin as an inhibitor of cancer stem‑like cells – 2017 !
2015 – for encephalitis or ‘mad cow’ disease. Remember all that hoopla?

Liposomal Systems as Nanocarriers for the Antiviral Agent Ivermectin –

This is why they don’t want people to know. They called it a wonder drug!
Ivermectin as Broad-Spectrum Host-Directed Antiviral –
Remember HIV? That too.
We identified ivermectin in 2011 in a high-throughput chemical compound library screen for inhibitors of HIV-1 Integrase (IN) recognition by IMPα/β1 [34]. Specific inhibitors targeting IMPα/β1 directly (such as ivermectin) and not IN were identified using a nested counterscreen strategy [34][35].



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Our guest tonight, Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) Attended the Ohio State University, Member of the OSU Marching Band, USMC Platoon Leader’s Class 1977-1980, Police Officer in Reynoldsburg Ohio 1980-1996 – disability retirement, taught science and computers at High Street Christian Academy from 2001-2013, Got involved with Youngevity in 2010 and is now a Two Star...

AIRED: 10-18-2021

Twitter slammed for fact-checking Seattle mom’s obituary that mentioned COVID vaccine. Facebook Whistleblower Is Leftist Activist Repped By Lawyer For ‘Whistleblower’ Behind Trump Impeachment. Facebook may be culbable for defamation on millions of users. ‘Silenced No More Act’ passes in California. Remembering the Right to Vote. 15 Stupid Things Society Wants You to Do. Sorelle Amore...

AIRED: 10-11-2021

U.S. works to screen passengers of plane carrying Americans from Kabul. Australian doctors fed Ivermectin to primary school aged children to treat lice. The woke are abolishing women. Putin’s disappearing act. CDC Implements Study on “True Toll” of Guns in America” to Help “Idendtify Trends and Craft Swift Interventions”. Gov. Kristi Noem visits Santa Barbara....

AIRED: 09-29-2021

Why is there an armada of container cargo ships off the coast of L.A.? Who is funding what, Zuckerbergs funded the illegal voting in places, Maricopa County got $3M in grants that required compliance to count illegal votes. List of grants by the Zucks: Grants President Biden delivered a big boost for vaccine mandate opposition...

AIRED: 09-27-2021

Our guest tonight was Zerilath who sought answers to the mysteries of the world around me. After beginning a study in Occult Sciences through various teachers, I discovered a natural innerstanding of the Elder Futhark Runes; the 24 letters of the proto- germanic alphabet that have mystical origins with Ygdrassil Ygdrassil the wold tree and...

AIRED: 09-22-2021

Noravirus making rounds. The most decent people really do listen to this show. The recent model of the ooga booga is a doozy, probably came from the vaccines already given out. Are smokers more defended from the COVID? Alabama Hospital has told Biden and his vax mandate, ‘Up yours’. Women are reporting adverse affects on...

AIRED: 09-20-2021