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AIRED: 06-30-2020

There is an old saying: may you live in interesting times.
I consider myself a student of history. A lot of amazing and interesting things have taken place since our civilization began, but I can honestly say that I have never seen a year like the one we are in now. It appears that every month the rules to this giant game are being altered, and all the players have been on their heels ever since 2020 began.


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It’s the night before the inauguration. Mark & Karen are taking predictions from the conspiracy world on what may or may not happen tomorrow. Will the red team throw down their last card and take over the US capitol with the help of agencies and military force, or will it be a big nothing burger...

AIRED: 01-19-2021

Mark and Karen bring back Roxanne Glen from the UK to talk about lockdown activism and what is happening with the virus in England. Hint, it’s not good. Mark opens the show with a new rant about the inauguration coming up, and reads emails from listeners. Oh and they talk calls from the Flat Earth...

AIRED: 01-12-2021

Mark and Karen talk to an anonymous EMT out of New York city. Unfortunately he took too long to get to any relevant details, so Karen calls BS and let’s him have it. We dropped him at the end of the first segment and took callers for the rest of the show. Lots of different...

AIRED: 01-05-2021

Mark, Karen and US Army Master Gunner Brian Burton recap the year that wasn’t, the year of confusion, frustration, and contradiction. 2020 is now over, and we move onto 2021. Will it become the new world state of dystopia, or will the truth community stand tall and face the madness with strength! We take calls...

AIRED: 12-29-2020

It’s Christmas week, Karen and I speak with Jeff Grupp about the tribulation and the rapture. Are we in the last days? Were the signs subtle enough that we missed it? Jeff says yes! Tune in as he lays down what he has seen in the last 18 months, and what is to come! Oh...

AIRED: 12-22-2020

Back in July I made a rant called “When a plan comes together”. In it I talked about what the virus would take away from us, the details of the vaccination program and what to expect in the months to come. I was hoping that nothing would be released until the first quarter of 2021...

AIRED: 12-15-2020