AIRED: 12-09-2017

There’s a universal contempt for slavery of Africans. Today’s guest, “Al Fatah”– a Libyan woman obviously shares that revulsion. HOWEVER, as a frequent traveler between Libya and Europe, who just spent several weeks in Tripoli, Al Fatah speaks up to deny and repudiate CNN and BBC reports that slave markets have become a fixture of LIbyan society. In this interview, she exposes all the reasons why Libyans in this cash-less, bankrupt Failed Nation in north Africa, cannot possible finance an active slave trade. Critically, she calls it out as a “psychological operation” to justify a NATO military intervention. With ISIS control broken in Syria and Iraq, there’s much talk that ISIS fighters are regrouping inside Libya, something Al Fatah acknowledges to be true. Slave trafficking, however, is not authentic. In fact, it would be completely impossible according to our faithful LIbyan friend. We talk about life under Gadhaffi before the War, and Libya today. The NATO / Soros crowd could care less about the welfare of Africans. They don’t want Africans migrating to Europe through LIbya. But there is something more, Al Fatah says! The CIA needs a War for its profiteering. NATO needs an excuse. Check out this interview for a reality check!


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