Aug 26, 2013

It has been reported by the BBC that a UN inspector convoy has come under sniper fire as it made its’ way to Damascus where the alleged “chemical weapons attacks” have taken place.

One convoy was shot at so many times, it was forced to turn around and go back. The Syrian government, of course, blames the “terrorists” (who also go by the name “Al-Nusrah”, which is itself an offshoot of al-Qaeda operating in Syria) for the sniper attack.

It seems as if there was no real “chemical weapons” attack in Syria (which we covered extensively a few days ago), and the inspectors were indeed fired upon by the “rebels” for this very reason. If the inspectors concluded, based upon verifiable evidence, that weapons-grade chemicals were not used in Syria, that would be very bad for NATO and the U.S. military – It would mean that no “red lines” Obama keeps harping on about have been crossed, and therefore, no military intervention could be justified.

However, this would only prove the desperation of the rebels at this point, since the international backlash for this event (especially if the sniper rifles and equipment can be traced to the U.S., Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or Israel or if they were stolen from the failed Libyan regime and funneled through Turkey, like so many others in “Benghazigate”) could be enormous, especially given the volatile political situations rendered by the “Snowden Affair”.