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Jan 27, 2015

www.inquisitr.com_2015-01-27_01-39-21A young single mother is trying to track down a kind stranger on a train in the U.K. who handed her £5, together with a note saying he was impressed by her parenting skills.

Sammie Welch, 23, was traveling on a train with her three-year-old son, Rylan. He apparently normally gets a little restless on long train journeys and Welch was playing with him and generally keeping him entertained during the trip.

According to the Mirror, a mystery man came up to her, handing her the money and the note as he got off the train at Bristol. At the time, Rylan was asleep in her lap and she was cuddling him. Welch said that when the man handed it to her, he told her it had fallen out of her bag, so she thanked him and took it from him.

However, on opening the note she found a kind message from the man, which was signed “man on train at table with glasses and hat.”

“Have a drink on me, you’re a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners.”

“PS I have a daughter your age, someone did the same for her once. Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you.”

Now Sammie wants people to know about the note so that she can get the opportunity to thank a stranger on a train who was so impressed with her parenting skills. She said that when she read it, she was shocked and feels really overwhelmed by the whole thing.

“I’ve put the money in a savings account for Rylan now, I thought that was the best place for it.”

“I wish I could remember him but I just can’t. I really want to thank him personally.”

Welch is a single mother, currently looking for work as an IT technician. She lives in Plymouth in Devon, and was taking the First Great Western Train back home from Birmingham on Thursday. She said the stranger on the train who handed her the note disembarked at Bristol station at around 7 or 8 p.m.

Welch believes that the stranger on the train had seen her playing with her son on the long journey, adding that when Rylan was eating his dinner, they kept laughing, because he kept calling his grapes “strawberries.” She says, “he was just being a happy, laughing little boy.”

Welch said she “wanted to cry” at the anonymous man’s generosity and words. She said that she never got the chance to thank him before he got off, as her son was asleep and she couldn’t move without disturbing him.

“I would love to have the opportunity to thank this man personally.”

“He may not have Facebook but please please share this! I want to thank him for his kindness!”

Welch has sent out an appeal on Facebook for people to help her get in touch with the stranger on a train, saying she had always read stories like this on the social media website but never thought it could happen to her.

Knowing there are still good people out there, Welch wants him to know she is truly grateful. The Daily Mail offers an email address and telephone number for anyone who knows who the kind man is.

“He shows there are still good people out there and I want him to know I am truly grateful.”

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[Image: First Great Western Train CC by-SA 2.0 Martin Bodman]