Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Oct 02, 2013

Silk Roads, a hidden website accessible only by the Tor network has been seized by the US Justice Department after allegedly identifying the owner. Silk Roads is an Ebay style website where people can buy and sell illicit substances in a safe and controlled environment. Buyers could leave ratings for sellers, test results for purity/adulterant tests and other feedback about delivery, safety and quality.

In July of 2013 The FBI seized servers run by Freedom Host under the guise of fighting child pornography. Shortly after, carried a story about “the man behind the website”. When we saw Forbes carrying the story we immediately called it out as a “honey-pot” operation to lure people to Silk Roads. As we predicted it turned out to be a trap. We theorize that the owner of Silk Roads was identified and arrested back in July when Freedom Host was seized, possibly even being responsible for the take down of the Freedom Host servers in a deal with the prosecution.

Drug prohibition has been in effect for over a hundred years with the War On Drugs officially declared during the Reagan Administration almost three decades ago but has done nothing to combat narcotics. Instead, millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans are filling up the nations privately owned for-profit prisons, children are introduced to drugs as early as five years old through the D.A.R.E. program and thousands of people are dying from an unregulated market.

Murder is illegal but people still do it so why would anyone think that prohibition will stop the drug trade? Prohibition does nothing but further fund the drug cartels who have much more to gain from prohibition than anyone else and encourages neighborhood and border violence alike. Not to mention the violence committed against innocent people including little old ladies who are shot or have a heart attack when the DEA raids the wrong home.

Drug prohibition is big business for Local, State and Federal agencies. With our draconian drug laws as is, vehicles, cash, bank accounts, homes, property, businesses and other assets can (and usually are) seized during raids. The Federal Government has seized billions of dollars alone from legal medical marijuana businesses in California. That’s not to mention the billions per year they seize in actual illegal drug busts. Over 1 Billion dollars worth of Bitcoins were seized by the Federal Government in the recent Silk Roads take down. So if you believe the War on Drugs is anything more than shakedowns and land grabs while states fulfill their contractual obligation to keep prisons at 100% capacity, then it’s time to think again.

It appears that the failed War on Drugs will not end in the foreseeable future, breeding grounds for high profits from “legal”  but infinitely more deadly substitutes like K2, Bath- Salts and Krokodil. During the nineties, MDMA was the drug of choice amongst ravers and dance club enthusiasts at events with attendees ranging from the dozens to hundreds of thousands with almost zero drug overdoses or violence. In the New American Century the DEA scheduled the precursor to MDMA opening the door for dangerous substitutes resulting in countless deaths. Likewise marijuana prohibition and demand has bred the dangerous synthetic alternative K-2 that has cause dozens of deaths. When the DEA began watching the precursor for Methamphetamine,  Bath Salts hit the marked resulting in more deaths and zombie like attacks.

Heroin has become a major problem in the last decade with more people turning to the dangerous drug due to a lack of other alternatives. This has led to the manufacturing of Krokodil, a drug named as such due to the “crocodile like” scales and flesh eating symptoms long time users experience. Krokodil is codeine that is injected directly into the vein after being isolated through the use of paint thinners. Because the ingredients are available over the counter, the people making the drug (the users) are not expert chemists and often leave paint thinner in the final product. The side effects of Krokodil result in skin deteriorating to the bone resulting in loss of limbs and finger/toes falling off on their own. The average Krokodil user lives 2 years after their first dose but the drug is said to be five times more physically addictive than Herion.

We opened up Pandoras box hundreds of thousands of years ago when one of our ancestors realized they could eat a mushroom and have an experience. We can’t put the genie back in the bottle and the more we push the more dangerous we make it for our society with the “legal alternatives” drug prohibition has spawned. It’s time to regulate the drug trade but we can’t rely on the Federal Government to do that for us. Silk Roads was a perfect example of how We The People can take matters into our own hands, regulate what the Federal Government has deemed “dangerous” and allow people to spend their free time not only how they choose but safely too.

It’s time to END THE WAR ON DRUGS!