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AIRED: 08-26-2019

1st Segment, Billy Ray Valentine of Infinite Fringe show, here on , now joins us for a special report/announcement.
Screening of Film by Crrow 777 and Jason Lindgren “Shoot the Moon ” followed by Q and A with the both Crrow and Jason. Also, lectures by Mark Devlin , Wayne McRoy and John Brisson

Screening of Film by Crrow 777 and Jason Lindgren “Shoot the Moon ” followed by Q and A with the both Crrow and Jason. Also, lectures by Mark Devlin , Wayne McRoy and John Brisson

Brooks’s Analysis of the Trade Talks with China is featured on the big name MSM Radio news shows. After Being Pardoned by Trump, Joe Arpaio Will Seek Seventh Term as Sheriff. After strike on drone plot, Israeli ministers warn Iran is ‘not safe anywhere’. Watch Nature to predict the weather. Untethered Soul the Journey Beyond Yourself – Chapter 8 ‘Let Go Now or Fall’ . THE ‘SOFT’ RACISM OF GUN CONTROL.

Are you having inexplicable panic attacks? Are you having heart palpitations, for no known reason? I have been, and thought it was related to some old issues. But when I was asked about why I am having them now, I couldn’t explain it, for I had been carrying these issues all my life, and so, why Now? Well I tuned in this morning to Ben Davidson’s Suspicious0bservers on YouTube this morning, and found out. While it was not the focus of the daily post, it was a revelation to me. See it on that channel.
Solar Watch, Volcanoes, Super Photons, Cosmos | S0 News Aug.26.2019 At the 1 minute mark, explains exactly what the symptoms are and how the sun is responsible for them.


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Get fired with grace and panache. Make it a goal to be fired at least once in your career. R. Budd Dwyer And The Death Of An “Honest Man”. VICTORY! Court Rules Gov’t Must Refund Millions in Red Light Camera Fines. EMAILS SHOW MONSANTO ORCHESTRATED GOP EFFORT TO INTIMIDATE CANCER RESEARCHERS. Untethered Soul A journey...

AIRED: 09-09-2019

The government cannot buy back what they have not owned, so how are they buying back the guns as the politicians propose? Cracking the Cholesterol Myth: How Statins Harm The Body and Mind. Disappearing act: Device vanishes on command after military missions. Chemists discover water microdroplets spontaneously produce hydrogen peroxide. USA Powerlifting bans all trans...

AIRED: 09-04-2019

Why do we cling to life? Why do we help others clining to life? How do we protect our children while online, and what do we do to curtail, if not eliminate, the predatory practices? Jermiah Harding is a cynical, pessimistic, angry anarchist doomsayer who will make your day worse. If you want to hear...

AIRED: 09-02-2019

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AIRED: 08-28-2019

Trump is being hailed so much so, it sounds like the Anti-Christ. MSM hurls FAKE ‘anti-Semitism’ charge against Trump, rather than question his REAL loyalty to Israel. New York passes Child Victims Act, allowing child sex abuse survivors to sue their abusers. Trump signs student debt forgiveness for disabled veterans. Bias against left-handers. THERE’S A...

AIRED: 08-21-2019

Ma Bell monopoly didn’t have anything on the Google and Tech giant antitrust. Attorneys General to Move Forward With Antitrust Probe of Big Tech. Google’s search engine was able to manipulate votes in 2016 “on a massive scale” – “at least” 2.6 million votes. Chinese social credit score is very much like how we in...

AIRED: 08-19-2019