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Sep 18, 2014

No words for scum like this piece of shit … how can he sleep at night? how can he look himself in the mirror? Parasite scum…

What can I say? The video says it all. Who is this little parasite? I bet his parents will be so proud of his cowardly actions. Our future, our hopes… Stolen Tyranny is obviously something these idiots crave…

Facial Recognition The Key In Hunt For ISIS Boogieman (We Are All On The Database!) He’s the masked terrorist with a British accent who’s been seen with hostages in three Islamic State videos so far. But security services around the world are missing one vital clue to working out his identity — they can’t see his face. Tom Cheshire now reports on how facial recognition technology may have the answer. points to think about ….

1. they already know how Jihadi John is, they know all the fighters out there, they put them there, or at very least monitored their movements using this exact softwar.

2. ISIS are the “rebels” we armed and funded in the fight against assad, they are Al-qaeda, don’t forget this.

3. If British John is on one of the databases, so are all of us here using Facebook and beyond. Ever wonder how sometimes it asks you to tag random pics and it spookily recognizes people? Yes, this is this software back in the beta stage.