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Nov 06, 2014

(Before It’s News)

Glenn Canady

“Learn the Secret to Eternal Life!”


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Shell Oil Scientists Admit 1,000 MPG Barrier Broken in 1970s!  


In a stunning admission in the video above, a Shell Oil scientist admits that Shell Oil actually broke the 1,000 miles per gallon (mpg)  barrier for vehicles in the late 70s!   He also talks about how they were getting over 149 miles per gallon in a normal Studebaker much earlier!  The cars of the past were much heavier than the cars today so just using the technology known about in the 1960s, all the cars today would be getting well over 200 mpg easily!  We have been lied to about everything!  Everything has been done to extract as much money from you as possible on a monthly basis.  They have hidden all of the free energy and antigravity technology that was exposed by the patriots at US Intelligence through VeteransToday since 1945!  You can hear about this technology in the last video of the article. 


I’m asking all patriots from around the world to send this article viral now so that everybody on this planet knows the truth about our slavery.  We’ve had high mileage cars from many different people throughout the last 100 years but all the inventors were either bought off or killed.  Stop paying to be lied to by the fake news on your TV!  Every one of you should be spreading the truth through social networks, your email lists and by giving out business cards with websites on them that are putting out the truth.  People want to know the truth and many are hungry for it.  Ignore the ones that still believe in the lying mainstream media and concentrate on the ones intelligent enough to know they’re being lied to.  If you want to make extra money spreading the truth, I hope you will consider joining my team at iQLife, a new social network that pays to spread the truth!  Go crazy out there and let the world know what’s really going on!  We’ve had cars able to get over 1,000 miles per gallon since the late 1970s!   Get the word out about this today and help free humanity from the greedy that are killing our planet!




Gordon Duff of VeteransToday puts out information that the US has had free energy and antigravity technology since 1945 in this outstanding interview.  He talks about this information at the 40 minute mark in this interview!  

Gordon Duff – We’ve Had Free Energy and Antigravity Since 1945!