AIRED: 11-25-2018

The story of Bobby Kennedy’s holding back evidence about President John Kennedy’s assassination has haunted and titilated JFK scholars for years. Today’s guest, Christopher Fulton reveals all in his amazing new book, “The Inheritance: Poison Fruit of JFK’s Assassination.” The papers of Evelyn Lincoln, personal secretary to John Kennedy, first came to light before a Sotheby’s auction at Trump Tower in New York. Fulton describes how all hell broke loose after he gave Caroline Kennedy a private showing of the papers, and offered them to the Kennedy family, including raw, unfiltered phone tapes secretly recorded at the White House, in JFK’s own voice, before the Soviet Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs. This powerful history was protected by secret wish of Bobby Kennedy, who correctly feared the National Security State would destroy the important truth contained therein. And so nobody had any idea those papers and recording existed until Fulton’s dramatic announcement to Katie Couric. Alas, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. Despite enjoying full support by the Kennedy Family, including John, Jr. Fulton was arrested in 1998 and locked up in prison until 2008 on a terrifying national security case. We’ve waited decades for “The Inheritance.” It’s Must Reading!


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