Truth Frequency Radio

Dec 30, 2012

Many of us are let down, depressed, confused even angry. Was Dec 21, 2012 the worse apocalypse ever? Are we alchemists of the great shift, or pawns in a media heist scam that we unwittingly bought into? Are we living at the moment of the great revealing or just buying into someone’s crazy tale? Is this the beginning of a new epoch or have we all just been deceived?

In this episode Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth explore how we become aware and utilize this opportunity we find ourselves within, and how we can open ourselves to activate the inner resources we have inside of us.

Here at Shadowland Voyages we are experiencing waves of energetic potential for shift unprecidented in our lives. We are experiencing an opportunity to change and breakthrough the illusions we have collectively dreamed for millennium. We feel unparalleled, energetic support to liberate ourselves from all past constraints, and invite you to join us as we ring in 2013 setting our heartfelt INTENTIONS for the Newest Year Ever!