Truth Frequency Radio

Apr 28, 2013

In this episode Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth discuss creativity. We are living at a time when galactic and solar energies are igniting the remembrance of our infinite possibilities, we are also being drenched with intimidation by The Construct through endless conflicts and wars, and events suchs as the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook shooting, Cyprus and scarcity myths. If it is true we are a fractal of the Organic Creation and a Universal Creator ourselves we must be able to access this immense infinite energy now regardless of our outer circumstances.

Inspired Artists of all times have created great works of art as Wayshowers. They have used creativity to disengage from the Matrix and chart a course that embraces life. We Voyage through the Shadowland to draw to us the means to transcend, transform and hold our higher ground no matter what. Shadow and Creation: are they twin flames of our Soul’s Alchemy? How does it work? In this episode we discuss, share and contemplate creativity, shadow and change.

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