Truth Frequency Radio

Apr 21, 2013

In this episode Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth enter super-woo territory with Steve Richards, founder of Holographic Kinetics – Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality.

The Aboriginals had the ability to take the free flowing energy and use it to visualize through the dreamtime into the manifestation of reality. They were more developed, using the spiritual internal world of manifestation, rather than the external analytical world. Never seeing the world through analytical eyes, they were aware the earth has a living Spirit, they worked in harmony with the spirit of the earth, and the spirits of all life forms.

Steve Richard comes from Aboriginal roots and has evolved this understanding to create HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS- working and studying diligently over 40 years of intense researching. Steve Richards understands the power of the subtle bodies–from a holistic approach–in the creation and removal of internal-created realities, within their own separate dimensions of time. As well as the understanding and removal of other dimensional forces that can enter through drugs, alcohol, trauma and certain medication, which his research has found is the the main reasons for most mental illness. He has worked with thousands of clients and has discovered our thoughts can and often do become thought forms then grow into life forms, that can then manipulate the soul of man.

Some of the Aboriginals Elders that still know the old way have said, “We know what we can do, but we did not go to school, therefore we do not know the words to use for what we can see and do, we only know that we can do what we can do, and there is the seen and the unseen and all things are alive.”
Steve Richards knows the words and brings this advanced aboriginal healing to the world now.