Truth Frequency Radio

Apr 07, 2013

In this episode Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth dive into how we can transform our ego-eat-ego world into an evolutionary joyous exchange. Beth is a Master of Ego Evolution, who teaches how to bust free of old conditioning to “become the becoming” and live a new era that honors all life.

Meet Beth Green, one of Sienna’s greatest teachers, and a woman with:
– The gift of extraordinary intuition and perception
– 30 years experience counseling and teaching for individuals and organizations
– A body of teachings, writings and programs that truly are effective
– Charisma, tenacity, relatablility, humor and a channel for spiritual energies

Beth believes that to be a catalyst for change, one needs to inspire change, describe the pathway to change and help people heal, so that they are able to change. She embodies all of these qualities and truly is an effective catalyst for change. She offers people a vision of themselves and the world. And she has the intuitive and spiritual powers, as well as the skills, tools, experience and programs that can help people realize that vision.

Beth’s websites: