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AIRED: 09-11-2018

It’s late…dark…your room light just extinguished. WAIT! Is that…someone…no…it HAS to be the coat I hung there, or car lights passing by on the wall…IT MOVED! The closet door is slowly swinging open…a..figure…person-shaped void…a SHADOW just walked out and IT”S LOOKING RIGHT AT ME…with NO face…or eyes…just…darkness personified. This is NOT a dream. No sleep paralysis involved. Fully awake, you have just (barely) survived an encounter with OTHER. MAny tales, many legends, many fake Scientism explanations for them…but if you have had this kind of experience, as Zach “Too Nice For Rice” Zabala has and shares this morning, then you KNOW it was not anything easily explained away…
–“Have you ever read any alien religion books?”, asks matt8024 in chat today…Walt advises do NOT waste time on The Urantia Book…unless Jesus as Star Chief of the Space Armada is your kinda thing…
–A theology professor is pushing back on what science advocate Neil deGrasse Tyson is calling the “most astounding fact” about the universe, warning viewers that while deGrasse Tyson might be speaking in terms of science at times, he’s also mixing in philosophy and making assumptions that are not facts.
–We do not even talk about 9-11 today…much…a little, maybe…ok, we do…a lot…but THEY did this whole Satanic ritual in plane site kinda thingie, with kites, and kids, and SPELLing…so…
–Did you want to roll with Grig?? US too!! “Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada.”

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PayPal for Kev Baker below: PHILOSOPHICAL SONNET by Saint-Germain “Curious scrutator of all nature, I have seen gold thick in the depths of the double mercury. I have seized its substance and surprised its changing. I explain by that art the soul with the womb of a mother, Make its home, take it away, and...

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