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AIRED: 08-10-2012

Hour 1: Chris and Sheree cover the latest news and discuss relevant topics. We also welcome Dr. Brooks Agnew to give us updates on x-squared radio and share new information he has on the increasing numbers of drones not only in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Pakistan-but rather, in your own backyard.




Hour 2: We welcome Shepard Ambellas of The Intel Hub to talk about a film he and Jason Bermas are co-producing. We discuss the recent false flag shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, and what kind of influence the recent Bilderberg meeting had on these current affairs.




Hour 3: Jason Bermas joins us to talk more extensively about “Shade” – a groundbreaking documentary to be released this winter. There is a shadowy depopulation agenda going on, and people like Jason and Shep are at the forefront of the fight against it with this new film!



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