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Apr 05, 2013

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This reminds me of a story I highlighted from Spain last year where activists stole food in bulk in order to bring it to a local food kitchen.  In this case, a Georgia supermarket that was being evicted was forced to dump all of its fresh food into the trash as hundreds of hungry people watched in shock.  Naturally, it was a bank that made the decision to trash the food.  SunTrust bank to be specific.  We learn:

In the hopes of obtaining free groceries, hundreds of Augusta, Ga. residents gathered in the parking lot of a shuttered supermarket Tuesday only to be pushed back by police overseeing disposal of the food into dumpsters.

Richmond County Marshal Steve Smith said that as a result of the store’s eviction the food belonged to the property’s owner, Atlanta-based SunTrust Bank. The bank asked authorities to dispose of the food that piled up in the store’s parking lot.

Onlookers, many holding plastic bags and storage containers in anticipation of a giveaway, watched in horror as food, furniture, and other household items were discarded like trash into dumpsters.

The merchandise was later disposed into area landfills.

Full article here.