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AIRED: 04-13-2017

In this show, I speak about how Sabbath and the Levitical feast days can only be determined by the sighting of the new moon or what is called chodesh. The first evening that the waxing crescent and sliver of the moon can be seen sets in alignment the following four seven-day sabbatical weeks. Only by understanding such relationship can one then truly determine Sabbath and honor the commandment to revere it as mandated by YHWH.
I also explain how the first advent of Christ here to this world fulfilled the spring and summer feasts of the Lord God and how His next coming will fulfill the remaining three fall feasts. In the second hour of the program I revisited the garden parable. In this portion of the show I explain what the serpent’s beguilement of Eve actually means and how it led to the birth of Cain and enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. Only by understanding this teaching will one then be able to make sense of the ongoing harvest between the wheat and the tares and how the decisions that we make even in this day will in the and determine whether we are to be preserved with the wheat or gathered for burning with the tares. God bless all of you

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