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Apr 20, 2013

Chris and Sheree Geo

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Boston Marathon Explosions

(AP Photo/Robert Ray)

Update: Officials are saying that Dzhokar Tsarnaev, the 2nd “suspect” in the Marathon Bombing, has suffered a “throat injury” and may not be able to talk.

Well, we called it, folks: The second bomber was not read his Miranda rights, and another shred of the U.S. Constitution burns in the fire. As his half-dead body lay lifeless in the ambulance on the way to Beth Israel Hospital last night, the residents of Boston and the surrounding suburbs cheered and rejoiced that, as the police chief said, “The terror is over.” Oh no, little ones….the real “terror” has only just begun.

ap-boston-arrest-celebration_20130419231215_320_240Knowing about the hellish few days they’ve had, one could certainly imagine their feelings of relief and gratitude to the police officers for finding the suspect. However, he is just that: just a suspect. And yet, he truly isn’t being treated like one, by the government officials who have spoken of him and the media themselves. This has spread to the public and now people are cheering for martial law and suspension of Constitutional Rights without ever even realizing it.

On Friday night, the Obama Administration announced that Tsarnaev would not be read his Miranda rights under a “legal rule” (loophole) called the “public safety exception”, meaning they want to torture interrogate him to “make sure there aren’t any more explosives anywhere”.

As Emily Bazelon intelligently points out in an article out of

There is one specific circumstance in which it makes sense to hold off on Miranda. It’s exactly what the name of the exception suggests. The police can interrogate a suspect without offering him the benefit of Miranda if he could have information that’s of urgent concern for public safety. That may or may not be the case with Tsarnaev. The problem is that Attorney General Eric Holder has stretched the law beyond that scenario. And that should trouble anyone who worries about the police railroading suspects, which can end in false confessions. No matter how unsympathetic accused terrorists are, the precedents the government sets for them matter outside the easy context of questioning them. When the law gets bent out of shape for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, it’s easier to bend out of shape for the rest of us.