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AIRED: 10-01-2021

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Hi I’m Claire, I am one of those rare people in life that can honestly tell you… I LOVE MY JOB!!!

I began studying nutrition 11 years ago, halfway through I felt like something was missing. I shifted my focus to Naturopathy and again I found myself looking for more. I firmly believe that ‘food is thy medicine’ and herbs and homeopathy contiue to amaze me, however I felt that what was missing, was the emotional aspect. I mean why do we choose such poor food choices when we know they’re not good for us?? Why if I take all the right supplements and herbs do I still feel flat and unmotivated??

The answer is because there are other factors involved, including stress and emotional components that need to be addressed.

If you have internal negative self-talk this will effect your health. If you think too much and find it less then easy to quieten your mind, this can cause an adverse affect on your adrenals and more. So why did I choose to study kinesiology back in 2010, because amongst other things it blew my mind!!! Kinesiology has assisted me to push through my fears and limited self-beliefs. It allowed me to let go past disappointments so I could embrace a new relationship with an open heart and clarity. I credit kinesiology to meeting the love of my life, my husband.

To this day still I roll over in the morning and Hi5 myself as I cannot believe how lucky I am.

Kinesiology has assisted me with goal setting, hormone imbalances, speed up my recovery post knee surgery and much more….This is why I liken it to Psychology for the WHOLE BODY!!

Pain, stiffness, weakness, weight gain, fatigue………that’s the body’s way of telling you “there’s something wrong” and unfortunately when things go wrong, we don’t get to choose where in the body we’ll experience this. If the body is stressed, it’ll send messages anywhere creating a breakdown in optimal function. Things you’ve never dealt with, fester and eventually become a symptom or an aliment of some sort. When you address the underlying cause through kinesiology, you allow the body to break its decline cycle and begin its healing cycle.


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