Sep 26, 2014

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In 2009, we all saw what happened when a few hundred people in Mexico contracted H1N1 “swine flu”: As soon as the press began reporting deaths, the propaganda wheel began rolling (even though there were actually very few deaths from the virus, but several thousand serious adverse reactions to the vaccine within the first few weeks): Pretty soon, we all became aware of how non-dangerous the virus really was, and of executive orders forcing evacuation, quarantine, and vaccination, and people actually became more concerned about the possibility of martial law and the dangers of the vaccine  and Tamiflu than they were about the virus itself. They were right to be concerned, as we’ll explain more later.

However, as soon as the veil of the H1N1 hoax was lifted and it was seen for what it really was, everyone seemed to forget about the the looming threat of martial law and went back to ‘business as usual’. As you will soon realize, that was a mistake.

Health ministers at the EU spent an entire session this week discussing ebola and the EU, and they concluded that the EU “must improve coordination and prevention measures to better diagnose, transport, and treat suspected cases”, with Dr. Natale Ceccarelli in Rome saying,

“If one person is infected, he infects everyone.”

Well, that’s a pretty broad statement, doc. How is it possible for “everyone” coming into contact with ebola-infected patients to become infected themselves, if the virus has not yet achieved the gain-of-function necessary to become airborne?

My best guess is that either:

a. EBV has already achieved airborne transmissibility and the WHO and CDC are trying to keep it under wraps until it fizzes itself out in West Africa or buys them enough time to launch a full-blown “war on ebola” that’s designed to take away constitutional rights and dissolve our present form of government OR

b. EBV has not yet mutated enough to become airborne, and the numbers/rhetoric coming out of the WHO and the CDC are totally fear-mongering and propagandizing a non-pandemic like they did in 2009 so that they can go ahead and launch a full-blown “war on ebola” that’s designed to take away constitutional rights and dissolve our present form of government OR


c. There are different strains of EBV going around in West Africa, and some of them are creations of biowarfare laboratories – specifically, the kind that work for the government, such as USAMRIID – and the kind that work for the government while pretending to be educational institutions, such as Tulane University or the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

My theory: certain strains of ebola (one of which some of us alternative researchers suspect has been hybridized with a strain of lassa fever to promote gain-of-function) are being deliberately spread around through contaminated hospital supplies that are being provided by Baxter International – the same company who attempted to start – or at the very least, could have started through it’s own negligence – an H5N1 pandemic by contaminating H3N2 (ordinary influenza) vaccines with H5N1 in early 2009. Also, the same man who headed that company is now the UN’s spokesperson for ebola response, which doesn’t help their case one bit in my book.

And yes, the outcome of this scenario would – hopefully – be the only diversion from the first two outcomes, in that once people see the hoax/false flag element to the situation, it no longer carries it’s power. If everyone realized what Baxter, Monsanto, and all of the other corporations in on this vaccine marketing scam were up to, they wouldn’t continue to operate for long. They must have total secrecy when it comes to this “ebola response”, because all of these companies have been shown to do great harm to the public good in the past, and if they want martial law and total annihilation of freedom worldwide to “stick”, they can’t have any whistleblowers or do-gooders ruining it for them by convincing the public that these corporations are not only greedy and out for themselves, they are actually actively doing the opposite of what their job is: culling the population.

Theatrics, or something more sinister?

When the H1N1 “pandemic that never was” occurred in 2009, most of the more-awakened individuals didn’t fall for the hype, and were proud to boldly announce that they didn’t get their flu shot and sneered and snickered at those who were the slightest bit concerned about the virus. This was totally, 100% understandable from any rational perspective: The H1N1 flu was never anything to be overly concerned about, and was always meant to be a drill/dry run for martial law to be declared at some point in the future.



The H1N1 scare was supposedly what brought about several new “executive orders” via Obama that severely restricted constitutional and state’s rights in the event of an outbreak or pandemic. However, more of the most- disturbing executive orders were some that were enacted during the Bush era, and others just in the past few months.

Executive Order 13295 was amended by President Obama on July 31, 2014. Subsection (b) was replaced with the following:
“(b) Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled. This subsection does not apply to influenza.”

The scenario I see unfolding is not a real, bonafide ebola outbreak in the United States. Rather, it is a series of targeted dispersals of certain strains of “ebola” in strategic locations in the U.S., just enough to get people in line for the Monsanto ebola vaccine. In other words, since we know that the tests being used in some places in West Africa at the moment are showing a high rate of false positives for EBV, then our B.S. meters should be going haywire if “ebola cases” start popping up in the West.


Look at what happened just a few days ago on the Vegas strip:

With high drama and theatrics on the Strip, they staged what they called a ‘die in’ part of their medical march with a message. They started at the Planet Nurse convention at Planet Hollywood, demanding U.S. hospitals be prepared for the Ebola virus. “Which we know is not just a matter of ‘if’, it is ‘when,’” Bonnie Castillo with the Registered Nurse Response Network said.

Could these women be any more melodramatic and over-reaching with their not-so-scientific conclusions?

Don’t get me wrong: This is not to discount the harrowing and horrifying stories of the health workers and ordinary citizens who are in the midst of the death and disease taking over West Africa – they are real, and their pain is real. However, what is causing their distress, the ebola virus itself or the world’s leadership’s reaction to it?

Since all infected bodies have to be burned, the casualties have exceeded the ability of Monrovia’s local crematorium to cope. MSF has had to import an incinerator from Europe – normally used for livestock – to assist.

The crowd, seething beneath a sky of low clouds, erupted in anger. “If the government can’t work it out, let them give it up,” said Marvin Gweah, 28, another son. “Let the international community handle this.” Five body collectors in full protective suits clambered up the cliff in the rain, carrying his father’s body in a black plastic bag, resting to readjust their grip, and steadying themselves on the slippery path. Eric Gweah, his face twisted in anguish, led the way, shrieking “Papa!” and throwing his hands up in the air, nearly losing his footing.

There have already been serious, credible accusations made against the U.S. And European nations regarding the man-made nature of the particularly brutal strain of EBV floating around Africa.

And because the U.S. And Europe have been so persistent about sneaking biological weapons into vaccines over the years, the African people not only have lost faith in the West, but have completely woken up to the medical fraud that’s been committed on their continent and are now starting to fight back when they suspect it or see it happening around them.

JEFFREY BROWN: What about the level of distrust among people there, a fear that this is a Western plot, or that it doesn’t really exist?  How much is that a concern?  How much is that an impediment to getting things done?

DR. KEVIN DE COCK: It is an impediment.

And you — I think we’re all aware of the tragic deaths of colleagues in Guinea just a few days ago, people who were kidnapped and ended up being killed. It is a tremendous obstacle. It’s gotten better in many places. But it remains a problem in some — particularly in some of the rural areas, in the three border areas.

And then it’s sort of it — it also is accompanied by an opposite, a sort of opposite reaction, which is tremendous impatience that more is not being done.



What I don’t understand is why the authorities in West Africa think it’s a good idea to confine people to their homes when their numbers are already (admittedly) so shaky when it comes to counting the victims of the virus (as well as their outcomes):

a model developed by CDC to estimate the spread of the Ebola virus shows that if current virus proliferation trends continue without additional interventions, the number of Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone will reach 1.4 million by mid-January 2015.

The model estimates that Liberia and Sierra Leone will have approximately 8,000 total Ebola cases (21,000 total cases when corrected for underreporting) by 30 September 2014 (Figure 1). Liberia will account for approximately 6,000 cases (16,000 corrected for underreporting)

Extrapolating trends to 20 January 2015, without additional interventions or changes in community behavior (for example, notable reductions in unsafe burial practices), the model also estimates that Liberia and Sierra Leone will have approximately 550,000 Ebola cases (1.4 million when corrected for underreporting)


It also appears that in Liberia, estimates are being over-reported by almost 10%, while in Sierra Leone, they are being under-reported by about that much:

The uncorrected estimates of cases for Liberia on 9 September 2014, were 2,618, and the actual reported cases were 2,407 (that is, model overestimated cases by +8.8 percent). The uncorrected estimates of cases for Sierra Leone on 13 September 2014, were 1,505 and the actual reported cases were 1,620 (that is, model underestimated cases by -7.6 percent).

So, the WHO’s “estimate” of a million people by January is, at best, imaginative. At worst, it’s a blatant misrepresentation of the facts in order to fear-monger the public into accepting a wider police state in the name of “staying safe from germs”.

At least leading scientists are admitting that the quarantine efforts in Liberia and Guinea actually made things worse:

the rate of rise in cases significantly increased in August in Liberia and Guinea, around the time that a mass quarantine was put in place, indicating that the mass quarantine efforts may have made the outbreak worse than it would have been otherwise.

Deteriorating living and hygiene conditions in some of the quarantined areas sparked riots last month. Sierra Leone began a three day country-wide quarantine today, where all citizens have been asked to stay at home, said Sherry Towers, research professor for the ASU Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center (MCMSC) in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

“There may be other reasons for the worsening of the outbreak spread, including the possibility that the virus has become more transmissible, but it’s also possible that the quarantine control efforts actually made the outbreak spread more quickly by crowding people together in unsanitary conditions,” Towers said.

However, rounding people up and putting them in concentration camps isn’t the best idea either:

the World Health Organization has announced a program which would round up Ebola victims across Liberia and herd them into “Ebola death camps” in order to isolate them from their families.

Although they aren’t called “Ebola death camps” — the sweet-sounding public name for the facilities is “community care centers” — their purpose is “to move infected people out of their homes and into ad hoc centers that will provide rudimentary care,” says the Post.

It is obvious from the context of these reports that Ebola victims’ relocation to these centers will not be voluntary. In other words, people who refuse to go will simply be arrested and made to go.

One of the most interesting aspects of “EBOLA2014” (like KONY2012) is that instead of simply sending doctors to help with the outbreak like Cuba did, Obama sent…3,000 troops? What are they doing there?

The 3,000-strong American mission will not treat patients, but will build as many as 17 treatment centers, with a total of 1,700 beds, and try to train 500 health workers a week. But building the centers is expected to take weeks and it is unclear who will run them, especially since the disease has decimated Liberia’s already weak health care system and the fear of Ebola has long kept many international aid workers away.

Another relevant fact of the matter here is the issue of governments and military forcibly quarantining citizens and confining them to their homes with already-infected people. This is not only counterproductive, but could definitely cause the outbreak to worsen significantly, as the healthy cannot escape the virus, which currently has a mortality rate of about 50%.

Another interesting tidbit: Ebola victims appear to be coming back from the dead. I believe that what happened was that victims of ebola are spontaneously recuperating while being confined to their homes, and because they are under quarantine, there are no nurses or health workers keeping track of who’s died and who’s getting better. In a place where the mortality rate is only half and half, this can make over-reporting a huge problem.


Which is where we come to the U.S.’s reaction to any potential “ebola outbreak”: Apparently, Obamacare wasn’t just about getting everyone into Big Pharma’s system and draining our bank accounts.

Next week, I will be covering EBV and the ebola vaccine itself – what’s going to be in it, who created it, and how the U.S. Government will first use threats of losing health coverage or your job in the health care industry – and later, threats against your freedom itself – to get you to accept it.