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Sep 22, 2014

Alex Salmond talks about the Westminster Gang reneging on the promises made to the Scottish people in the days running up to the now historic FAKE REFERENDUM!

But, for me, it’s what he doesn’t say that is telling: Why is he not highlighting any of the MULTIPLE EXAMPLES of VOTE RIGGING & ELECTORAL FRAUD? This omission is very telling indeed, and makes me think he knew all along what fate awaited the people of Scotland. If he was genuine he would be demanding a full investigation at the very least, and maybe even a full recount, but no, he just talks about wanting to abolish the House Of Lords!

I’m sure when Alex Salmond finishes politics he will be given a nice job at the IMF or United Nations as a payoff for being such a loyal subject to her Reptileship, Lizard Longshanks

Electoral Fraud Destroys Scotland’s Independence Dream

Chris and Sheree Geo are joined by Kev Baker of the Kev Baker Show to discuss the shocking outcome of Scotland independence bid.

The Scottish dared to dream of leaving the Union, but Her Scaliness, Queen Lizard-breath, was never going to allow that to happen and the vote was the latest act of democracy to fall victim to fraud. The establishment always wins

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