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AIRED: 08-01-2019

SACRIFICE & The Ascended Mother!

Must sacrifice be experienced to move forward OR is there another aspect to our Evolution as a species that calls forward the trans-formational experience of ASCENSION through EMPOWERED COMPASSION!

And! If the experience of sacrifice is called forward, what does that really look like and how far can we GROW through those moments that seem beyond resolution?

Angelic Oracle Kira Raa is a steady leading voice of Passionate Action since 2002!

Kira Raa, and Co-Host Geri Habstritt, share a common unique experience as part of their journeys of mastery. Both had to navigate the “sacrifice” of their children in ways that most would be unable to comprehend or survive!

Mercury is now stationary and the resolution energy has anchored. This experience propels us into August without a moment to space! There is a movement of Ascended presence manifesting as the energy of the Ascended Mother of Empowered Compassion.

THIS IS THE MOMENT TO RESOLVE the Fear and claim it as an ally.

A truly heart-filled and energetically empowered show experience! Try to be there live and call in to ask your questions, share your experiences,
or request a soul reading from Kira Raa.
We are each the Mirror & the embodiment of Namaste.
A Soul Mirror gazes into your eyes and sees the divine.

ABOUT This week’s Co-Host Geri Habstritt

Geri Habstritt is an Avesa Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive and Self Ascension Intuitive Counselor that has walked the pathway of the Yoga of Self- Ascension for 10 years!

Throughout this extraordinary and expansive journey, she has gathered mastery wisdom with the tools and wisdom for the journey she called forward.

Geri assists those who are ready to lift, heal the past, and expand into their true empowered nature.

She facilitates personal healing and workshops at JoyFulLiving! Avesa Quantum Healing Center in Boise, ID. She also offers life shifting sessions online.

Geri can be heard weekly on as the host of
Light, Laughter & Lattes where she shares inspiration, wisdom, healing techniques, meditations and enlightening interviews.

Learn more at!

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