AIRED: 10-24-2021

Prediction– Michelle Black’s tale of the ambush that killed her Green Beret husband in Niger will become increasingly important to understanding ISIS push for expansion in Africa. This week President Erdogan of Turkey expelled the U.S Ambassador and nine diplomats, responding to criticism of Turkey’s interference in Syria and Libya, amid new whisperings of Erdogan’s ambitions to promote an Islamic Caliphate in Central Africa. That’s Niger, Mali and Chad as ISIS security zones for attacks on Algeria, western all the way south to Sudan. Michelle explains why deep poverty and a Wild West open desert mentality are catapulting Niger to the brink of disaster. The shocking memoir from a gold-star widow searching for the truth behind her husband’s death, bears witness to the sacrifices made by military families. In this heartbreaking memoir, Michelle uses exclusive interviews with the survivors of her husband’s unit, research into the military leadership and accountability, and her own unique vantage point as a gold-star widow to tell a previously unknown story. Sacrifice is an emotional look inside a military marriage and a searing investigation of U.S. military decisions.

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AIRED: 02-19-2023