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AIRED: 02-12-2022

Tonight’s show was action packed with interesting information for you to explore!! From Feb 2 to Feb 15th In Italy is the festival of lupercus, the wolf god. The time of transformations. In the first segment this is discussed leading into the Hudson Valley of NY activity and legends regarding the sacred coordinates of the area. Mt. Etna in Sicily, abu gharab in Egypt and even possible stargate for comets at the bottom of the Euphrates River! do not miss this !


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don’t miss this incredible broadcast as Ra Castaldo discuss bloodlines that can communicate with other states of matter ...

AIRED: 11-25-2023

Step inside the Eye of Ra on 11:11 with Ra Castaldo and Gary Wayne to discuss the possibility of wormholes existing on Planets within the Solar system to various alternate, otherworldy or even parallel dimension of all different kinds. Have Various Ancient Bloodlines harnessed solar and cosmic energies at strategic locations on Planet Earth? Buried...

AIRED: 11-11-2023

tonights show was 1.5 hrs long, and ends at 830pm instead of 9pm, but do not miss this exclusive broadcast. Ra Castaldo delivers an incredible show discussing the information he was receiving during todays annular Solar Eclipse that was visible between Oregon and Texas of the United States. Are we on the cusp of a...

AIRED: 10-14-2023

the first 10 minutes of the show was experiencing technical difficulties, the show starts around the 10 minute mark. So Glad we didn’t cancel the show as the 1st ten minutes looked grim, but it turned out to be one of the best shows Gary and Ra have ever done together !!! exclusive broadcast, the...

AIRED: 10-07-2023