Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 13, 2014

August 2014PERU – According to Peru21, the explosion took place at around 4:30 on Saturday morning. Experts say that Peru’s Sabancaya has entered into a new eruptive stage. The phenomenon went on for just under a minute. According to the Arequipa Volcanological Observatory (part of the Peruvian Geophysical Institute), the explosion generated 9,083 megajoules. The explosion resulted in the emission of ash and gases, which rose into a column three kilometers in height. Peru21 reports that the smoke-like substance seen rising from the volcano is mostly steam, but some blue gases likely composed of sulfur dioxide have also been spotted coming out of Sabancaya. Peru21 writes that geological authorities believe that the explosion may have been connected to the recent increased seismic activity in the region. Authorities are warning citizens to take precautions in case another explosion occurs soon. Peru21 reports that geological and civil defense groups will meet soon in order to determine the risk to local populations. –Peru this week