Aug 28, 2013

A tangled mess of war, peace, and saber-rattling is brewing in the Middle East. The situation in Syria is escalating, and not in the U.S./NATO’s favor. A breakdown of what happened is necessary to understand the countries’ subsequent movements:

1. Israel and the U.S. helped Al-qaeda in Syria (the Syrian “rebels”, Al-Nusrah) gain less-than-military-grade chemical weapons and after several warnings (through youtube videos and a “chemical warfare” strike several months ago, killing 31 people), they hit a bigger target with the same weaponry while UN inspectors were just arriving to investigate the attack from March, killing hundreds of people. They then spread the big lie that the Syrian army was responsible for both attacks, and pleaded with the U.S./NATO to “intervene”.

2. Instead of immediately ordering military strikes on Syria, political leaders around the world were skeptical and needed more information. Especially the UN inspectors, themselves, as unbiased scientists working in the military weapons sector pointed out inconsistencies that show a use of lesser-grade chemical weapons than what would be considered true “chemical weapons”, which would have negated any need for further action from outside countries.

3. Knowing that if the UN inspectors were able to get to the attack site and take samples, they would find out that these weren’t really chemical weapons, snipers were sent – most likely by Al-qaeda themselves – to fire upon them as their convoy made its’ way to the attack site. This greatly reduced the UN inspectors’ ability to determine if true chemical weapons were even used.

4. Now, other countries supportive of Syria are taking the last opportunity they have to protect their friends. Russia is threatening Saudi Arabia with a strike if Syria is attacked, while Iran is threatening Israel. It’s been rumored that the Saudis, always looking to make a deal, have offered Russia a sweet, secret oil deal if they drop Syria as a friend, but I don’t think they’re going to buy it.

Where will this all lead? Exactly where the U.S./NATO wanted it to: World War III.

Important to note, however, is the psyop currently manifesting in the U.S.. The New York Times and other “publications” have also been hacked and shut down these past few days, and the Syrian army is being blamed for it. Personally, I don’t see why Syria, who is currently engaged in open hostilities in their own country and are having trouble staying alive at this point, would have any interest whatsoever in doing this. This seems more like a false flag psyop perpetrated by Israel to cause Americans to feel there is justification for war against Syria.