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Aug 22, 2014 Selby , UK Independent

Russell Brand has been vocal in his criticism of the media coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict. Particularly in his satirical YouTube series, The Trews.

He memorably dissected FOX News reporter Sean Hannity’s pro-Israel bias that appeared not to recognise the disproportionate number of Palestinian casualties and disallowed Palestinian guests on his current affairs show from being able to be an active part of the debate.

He recently took on Bill O’Reilly, also of FOX News, his self-congratulatory reporting of the Islamic State after the beheading of American photo journalist James Foley.

But it was a video he made highlighting an petition that caused the biggest stir of all. In it, he called for viewers to put pressure on British businesses to sever ties with investments in Israel he says “facilitate the oppression of people in Gaza”.

Using Barclays as an example, he said the bank manages “the portfolios of an Israeli defence company called Elbit, which makes the drones that bomb Gaza.”

The petition has amassed over 1.7million signatures of support. His support of it, however, meant he was labelled an anti-Semite and received death threats.

In response, he’s written a blog for the Huffington Post UK, explaining why he is directly opposed to anti-Semitism. Which starts with a description of him crying at a Passover dinner he enjoyed with a long-time friend Matt when he was 16. He was on acid at the time, he says, and had managed to convince himself that the Holocaust was his fault.