AIRED: 04-25-2021

Today’s guest, Russell Bentley, aka the Donbass Cowboy, gives an insiders’ perspective of the geopolitical storm amassing between Ukraine and Russia over break away provinces in Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk. Russell joined the freedom fighters of Donbass back in 2014, and has watched the conflict evolve from its opening hours. Russell speaks with astonishing calm, considering he sits one mile from the front lines of Ukraine’s border with Donetsk, where 100,000 Ukrainian troops have amassed 5,000 soldiers per mile on a 200 mile border. His trust is absolute that President Putin’ will not hold back in this conflict. Indeed, at his back, 150,000 Russian soldiers have amassed from Crimea all the way around the border with Ukraine, in striking distance of Kiev. President Putin has agreed to pull back his soldiers, but not to surrender Donbass to Ukraine. The point has been rammed home. Any incursion by Ukraine into Donbass will trigger a powerful Russian response. Joe Biden has lost this fight before it ever started. The only question is whether Joe Biden & Victoria Nuland understand the fight is already lost? Not the sharpest tool in the shed, will Joe Biden foolishly kick off World War 3 by testing Russian President Putin’s resolve??

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