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AIRED: 09-21-2021

La Palma erupts!! Like, a LOT!!! To quiet the heaving Earth, Josh posits politician volcano sacrifices!! Should we vote?? MAke our vote ACTUALLY count?? Nah!! Toss ’em all!!

–Heaven? Let’s ask Mark Twain. Mmmmm bop…
–Jupiter got smacked…not flat-smacked, but hey…

This CHAT, though…

​it`s only the 5th volcano this year, guys…nothing to see here

​take care all, love ya

Kallum Wilkinson:
​muchos love… 🙂

Mad Pieman:
​Peace and love 👍❤

Darren Daz Cox:
​keep being creative and loving yall!

​cheers friends, have a good one! ❤

Alexander Lightwater:
​growth to all

​Luv,Luv everyone……💙💙

Vividness/Vivi’s mess:
​Much love 💕 to you all.

Auto didactic:
​Thanks guys

Enlightened Dawn:
​love you all! Thank you so much!!! virtualhug

Auto didactic:
​Stay Awesome

Auto didactic

​much love, bye room!

Enlightened Dawn:
​I love you

Enlightened Dawn:
​Have a great week everyone!!!

Flat Earth Head:
​LOVE y’all so much!!!!!!


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