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AIRED: 05-24-2018

Rob joins me this evening to speak about his latest efforts on Seed the series. A television show of 72 episodes spanning six seasons. Rob in this work brings forth the story of the fall of Lucifer, the watchers, and their interdiction into the affairs of humanity. It ties together the war in heaven with the enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. Showing how this contention unfolds and what is and has always been Biblically, an epic war between the children of perdition and the seed of promise.
Based upon factual scriptural evidence, this story incorporates such esoteric concepts as the ancient aliens, their giant progeny, And what Daniel describes as their attempt to mix themselves amongst the seed of men, into a cohesive tale which when understood brings to light the historical basis for their presence here upon the earth as connected even today to the New World order elites. Seed the series will when released bring clarity to the past present and future in revealing the underlying Gospels truth connecting them all.


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