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AIRED: 09-10-2014

In this episode,I air excerpts from my YouTube videos, The Omega Plan? and Mythology and the Coming Great Deception.

The Omega Plan:

Mythology and the Coming Great Deception:


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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc… they’re censoring us like crazy. Deleting accounts. Blocking truth. Pushing only one narrative. Demonitizing, shadow banning and deleting our content. Enough is enough! Finally, a new solution is on the way that may be the best of all social media alternatives currently available. It’s called Liiighthouse and my guest tonight is...

AIRED: 11-25-2020

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a live call-in show, so I thought it would be fun to do one for my 200th Episode. We had several people call in to talk about a wide range of topics, which Zen Garcia and I did our best to answer and address – many of which tied...

AIRED: 11-18-2020

Continuing where we left off last week in our study of Genesis, with related texts. This time we read the Jubilees account of Genesis 14 in Jubilees chapter 13. And Zen read from the Legends of the Jews and also the Legends of the Patriarchs and Prophets. Fascinating stuff in this one!...

AIRED: 10-21-2020

For this broadcast, I thought I’d air the two “Ask Me Anything” Q and A sessions we did at the Sacred Word Revealed 2020 Conference several weeks ago. We covered a variety of topics that hopefully you will find interesting....

AIRED: 10-14-2020

Continuing our study of the story of Abraham vs Nimrod, Zen Garcia and I read from Genesis 13, Jasher 12-13, The Writings of Abraham and the Targum....

AIRED: 10-07-2020

In this show, Zen and I picked up where we left off in our study of Genesis and the supporting texts. We read from Jasher 9, Jubilees 11 and 12, Genesis 12 and the Writings of Abraham, discussing the early life of Abram, his destruction of idols and punishment in a fiery furnace....

AIRED: 09-23-2020