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AIRED: 12-22-2020

We are back!! It is so good to be here, home, after our brief but much-needed break, and we want to give thanx for the love and support during our absence! Today marks the 1st show with Walt running his newly assembled PC, which he has dubbed the Iron Marauder! Toward the end of our YT multi-stream today, there is even a little taste of some video playtime, with more to come!
–Fresh from the Flatlantic meet-up, JoFroJer fills us in on the fine fun had in Florida this weekend with Zulu One & company. (See pics)
–The Not-So-Great Conjunction was a near-miss for most, at least visually, but see Walt’s sad attempt in show pic.
–Are we all Roy, trying to live our lives well, to its fullest? Or just loosh dispensers for the Overlords?
–“At midnight, all the agents and superhuman crew go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do.”
–The many Great Walls…or…what?
–Mudflood bathhouses!

website: thetrueflatearthknowledge.tribe.so

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