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Nov 12, 2013

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Another effort to discount vaccinations as a source of autism has gone into research to prove defective genes as the major culprit. Some epidemiological studies based on twins with autism spectrum disorders was done as early as the mid-1970s. Since then, autism has increased 40-fold. All this from a sudden case of bad genes? This rapid autism rise has coincided with a dramatic increase of early childhood vaccination schedules over the same period, which has been an almost four-fold increase.

The gene theory does not explain how healthy babies suddenly became autistic after undergoing part of an intense series of vaccinations, some shots with multiple-vaccines, at newly born or toddler age.

As a matter of fact, there is very little effort to objectively pursue the autism-vaccination connection. Gene research opposition to the gene theories of autism, or gene theories of many diseases, comes from those who consider environmental causes as primary causal factors, not vaccinations.

Even that opposition is out-funded by the genetic research into autism mindset: $1 billion to $40 million or 25 to 1 over the past ten years. Of course, there is little or no funded research for vaccinations as a major cause for autism. And very little gets out into mainstream media circles about actual adverse effects from vaccinations.

The Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) was set up by the CDC for medical professionals to voluntarily report vaccination adverse effects. How many are actually reported is estimated at around 5%.

Then there is the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, informally known as the “vaccine court”, set up by Congress in 1986-88 to award vaccination injury victims. A large portion of the funds for compensation come from a vaccine industry tax of 75 cents per dose.

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Families granted awards by this court are under gag orders to not discuss their case with the potential threat of losing their annual medical care funding. This court has since become more difficult and stingy while earning interest revenue off the 2 billion dollars accrued in the fund’s financial pool.