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AIRED: 10-14-2023

tonights show was 1.5 hrs long, and ends at 830pm instead of 9pm, but do not miss this exclusive broadcast. Ra Castaldo delivers an incredible show discussing the information he was receiving during todays annular Solar Eclipse that was visible between Oregon and Texas of the United States. Are we on the cusp of a cyclical change of creation, destruction, and recreation? Are Ancient souls from Atlantis and Vedic times, ancient souls of Solar Vedic kings, returning to Earth, now, during these times in order to battle over the outcome of this present transition into a New World?
Incredible amounts of information is being sent out from all stars and suns in each and every solar system. Is our solar system out of harmony due to the activity that’s transpired? Does this affect the rest of the Universe? Ra Castaldo discusses Vedic creation tales and also his incredible vision about the origins of the Great sphinx of Egypt. Was the great Sphinx originally a Vedic Stupa??? Ra actually shares new groundbreaking information Regarding his recent viewing on the Great Sphinx of Egypt, and how it literally can ” make the Light”. Don’t miss tonights show !! this is one to keep for your archives !!! spiral out !!

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