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AIRED: 04-06-2016

In this show, I talked with David and Donna Carrico about their ministry dealing with Freemasonry, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Disassociative Identity Disorder and more.
Here is the link for the Exposing the Darkness conference May 7,8:


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In this second interview in my “Crypto 101” series, I interviewed Zen Garcia to get his take on Bitcoin, staking and other cryptos that have potential. If you’d like to order some crypto for yourself, please consider using my CoinBase referral link: If you use that link to buy or sell a minimum of...

AIRED: 01-20-2021

Continuing our study of the book of Genesis. This time we got caught up on the Jubilees version of Genesis 25. We covered a lot of cool stuff in the second hour dealing with Nimrod and the garment of power and rod of wonder as described in the Legends of the Jews....

AIRED: 01-13-2021

Sorry. Skype kept bouncing me for this one. So it’s not available here on TFR. However, you can watch it on my YouTube channel at the link below. I interviewed Robbie Davidson and Paul Lindberg, talking about Crypto Currencies 101 and Axion. If you’d like to order some crypto for yourself, please consider using my...

AIRED: 01-06-2021

In this episode Zen Garcia and I discussed Genesis 22, with added commentary from the Targum, Jasher 21 – 23, Jubilees 17 and Legends of the Jews....

AIRED: 12-16-2020

In this broadcast, Zen Garcia and I studied Genesis Chapter 19, along with parallel passages from the Targum; Jubilees 16; Jasher 19; the Legends of the Patriarchs and the Prophets, the Writings of Abraham and the Legends of the Jews....

AIRED: 12-02-2020

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc… they’re censoring us like crazy. Deleting accounts. Blocking truth. Pushing only one narrative. Demonitizing, shadow banning and deleting our content. Enough is enough! Finally, a new solution is on the way that may be the best of all social media alternatives currently available. It’s called Liiighthouse and my guest tonight is...

AIRED: 11-25-2020